A Brief History of Western Region Roundup

The Submarine Veterans of WWII (SVWWII) divided the country into regions. Annually they would have “Caucuses” at a location chosen by the host state.  Since before 2000 the Southwest Regional Caucus was held in Laughlin, NV.  Beginning in 2007 it became a joint event with United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. (USSVI).  

At the business meeting in 2014, the Western Region of USSVI assumed responsibility for hosting the “Roundup”.  Las Vegas, NV was chosen as the location for 2017 and 2018. In 2019 the event returned to Laughlin, NV. 

The global pandemic of 2020 carried over into 2021, causing both years Western Region Roundup (WRR) to be cancelled. The WRR planning and execution was stymied due to national and state isolation protocols and changing landscape of host convention site accommodation requirements. During this hold, there was a strong discussion within the Western Region leadership of a desire to bring the Roundup to a central site with greater accessibility than Laughlin, NV. Furthermore, the ability to duplicate the planning and execution anywhere within the Western Region was hindered by the lack of a guide and a committee, as its planning and execution had been a single-handed operation. Therefore, a committee was born to capture the details necessary to perpetuate this time-honored event for future attendees. With the formation of a planning committee, the 2022 WRR was held in Reno, NV.

The next Western Region Roundup, hosted by the Gold Country Base of USSVI, was held in Sacramento, CA, on April 27, 28 and 29, 2023. The current event hosted by the Bremerton Base will be held in Silverdale, Washington on April 11, 12 and 13, 2024.

All submariners, veterans and active duty alike, are invited.  The purpose of the “Roundup” is to provide a way for all Submariners to gather for mutual benefit and enjoyment. 

Our common heritage as Submariners shall be strengthened by camaraderie. We support a strong U.S. Submarine Force.


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WWII Submarine Veterans
Attendees at 2014 WRR
Some WWII Veterans at the 2015 Western Region Roundup
WRR 2016
WRR 2017
WRR 2018
WRR 2019
WRR 2022
WRR 2023