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Oct 2 In Submarine History

1943 – A mine laid by USS Silversides (SS 236) four months earlier damages Imperial Japanese Navy minesweeper W 28 off Kavieng Bay, New Ireland, Bismarck. 1944 – USS Pomfret (SS 391) attacks a Japanese convoy in Luzon Strait, sinking an army transport about 75 miles southeast of the southern

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2019 Annual Business Meeting Excerpt WAR VETERANS STATUS

War Veterans Status—The Legion Act was signed into law by President Trump. We have evaluated the act and it is American Legion specific and, therefore does not change our tax status. 1. There are two veteran organizations filing a lawsuit to include all veteran organizations under this act so we

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2019 Annual Business Meeting Excerpt CONVENTIONS

CONVENTIONS– 1. 2020 Convention will be held in Tucson, AZ Dennis Ottley congratulated the 2019 Convention Team for a great convention. Tucson is in the High Sonorra Desert, surrounded by lots of wildlife, such as deer, elk, bears, desert bighorn sheep, mountain lions, etc. We are at a 2800 ft

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